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Laundry Hamper - Large

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Laundry Hamper - Large

Composed of 100% natural and sustainable cotton and natural sustainably harvested wood, Tru Earth Large Laundry Hampers are completely plastic-free.

  • Lightweight Strength: Tru Earth Large Laundry Hampers are strong enough to hold your big laundry loads but light enough to carry from room to room with the 100% natural rope handles.
  • Easy to Clean: Just hand-wash in cold water and flatten to dray naturally once a month. This will add to the life span of helpful and healthy usage.
  • Natural Materials: Tru Earth Large Laundry Hampers are made with 100% natural components, from the cotton mesh outer bag to the wooden support struts.
  • Dimensions: he roomy interior mesh bag (34 cm x 48 cm – 13.3 x 18.9 inches) holds a full laundry load ready to pop into your washing machine. Fully assembled, the Tru Earth Large Laundry Hamper stands 50 cm (a little more than 19 ½-inches) tall.

Assembly Instructions: 

  1. Remove the Tru Earth Large Laundry Hamper from the cotton mesh storage bag. 
  2. Unfold the hamper. 
  3. Slide each of the four (4) wooden struts into the support tubes located inside the four corners of the hamper. (You find these tubes under the metal snap in each corner.)
  4. Fasten and secure each strut in place with the metal snaps. 
  5. Now your Tru Earth Large Laundry Hamper will stand ready to hold your laundry load. 
  6. Use the 100% cotton handles to transport your hamper from room to room. 
  7. Take your hamper when you travel or go camping; simply unsnap the fasteners, remove the wooden struts, re-fold your hamper, and place it inside the mesh storage bag. 

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