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Tru Earth Bamboo Cotton Swabs 1-Pack (180 swabs)

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Tru Earth Bamboo Cotton Swabs 1-Pack (180 swabs)




Leave behind the plastic cotton swabs and help yourself and the planet with Tru Earth Bamboo Cotton Swabs.
These “Tru-Tips” are made from bamboo and cotton and deliver all the results you expect from the plastic-stemmed swabs, but without any harmful plastic waste. As an eco-friendly consumer, you want to make your home as “plastic-free” as possible, and even a small thing like a cotton swab can help.

With components like all-natural bamboo and cotton, Tru Earth Bamboo Cotton swabs are a favorite among customers for their versatility, softness and texture!
When plastic cotton buds enter our waterways, they have a devastating impact on marine life. Bamboo and cotton are natural materials that are 100% home compostable and biodegradable.

Each box of Tru Earth Bamboo Cotton swabs eliminates 180 pieces of single-use plastic from landfills and waterways the other plastic swabs can create.


  • Clean your outer ear with the comfort you love and ditch the plastic you hate with our plastic-free alternative. *Do not insert a cotton swab into the ear canal. Inserting into the ear canal can cause injury.
  • Apply and remove makeup, touch up your nail polish, or become a master of arts and crafts.
  • And a Tru Earth Bamboo Cotton swab is the perfect tool to clean your computer keyboard (and get in between all those letters, numbers and special keys!)

Wherever you use cotton swabs, Tru Earth Bamboo Cotton swabs make the perfect, plastic-free alternative.

  • Package Size: 220 x 92 x 20 mm (8.7” x 3.6” x 0.8”)
  • Box weight: 79 g (2.7 ounces)
  • Material:Bamboo stick, cotton bud
  • Swab Size: 73 mm (2.9”) long

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