Here Are 5 Reasons Why Over 700,000 People Are Throwing Away Their Laundry Detergent, Enjoying Cleaner Clothes, And A Cleaner Environment Too!

Say goodbye to the old messy way of doing laundry and say hello to the super concentrated formula that works just as good if not better than your old detergent brands.

1. Clean Your Clothes The Smart Way 

It takes 40 grams of standard laundry detergent to equal the cleaning power of just one, 3 gram Tru Earth Laundry strip. So how does Tru Earth pack so much cleaning power into such a tiny strip? It's simple, they use a low-foam, concentrated cleaning formula that's tough on stains but easy on your skin and the environment. This concentrated formula allows Tru Earth to pack just as much, if not more, cleaning power into a strip no bigger than a dryer sheet. Tru Earth customers are often surprised by how powerful the laundry strips really are. Martin C., a Tru Earth fan, said, "I've found that Tru Earth cleans better than anything I've used in the past - no pre-treatments or soaking. I'm very impressed."

2. Dissolves Quickly For A Worry-Free Wash

It doesn't matter if it's cold water or hot, your Tru Earth laundry strips quickly dissolve without leaving behind any residue. The only thing Tru Earth Landy strips leave you with is clean, fresh smelling laundry every time. It even works with High Efficiency washing machines. Tru Earth customer Nicole B. said, "I was pleasantly surprised with these laundry detergent strips. They dissolved within seconds of contact with water, and they cleaned really well."

3. Finally A Mess-Free Way To Clean Clothes

Let’s face it. Laundry detergent jugs are bulky, heavy, they make a huge mess, and they take up a lot of space. Laundry shouldn't have to be a stressful chore. Thankfully, Tru Earth is changing that. No more spills, no more measuring, and no more mess. Just tear a laundry strip, toss it into your washing machine, add your clothes and let Tru Earth handle the rest. That's what Tru Earth customer Isabelle B. did and she couldn't be happier. "No longer am I lugging home giant drums of laundry soap that are messy and heavy. I have an annual supply stored in a very attractive tin no larger than the size of a box of tissues. I am over the moon with this product."

4. Tru Earth Customers Are Heroes 

Over half a million people have walked away from traditional laundry detergent for good. Their commitment to Tru Earth has kept over 700,000,000 plastic jugs out of landfills… every year! That means they enjoy a laundry detergent that's free from parabens, phosphate, and added dyes, while also enjoying the peace of mind that with every load of laundry they do, they're making the world a cleaner place for future generations. Tru Earth customers truly are heroes.

5. 27% Off A 1-Year Supply

Right now, you can get a massive 27% discount when you order a 1-year supply today. The makers of Tru Earth are so confident that you're going to love the new, easier way to do laundry that they're even throwing in an incredible money back guarantee. You either love it, or they'll refund your purchase. Look, the old way of doing laundry is gone. No more heavy plastic jugs, wasted space, and toxic chemicals. People like Susan F. are switching to Tru Earth, and never looking back. "Finally someone has used their ingenuity to rid us of those bulky detergent bottles to help the environment!!!" Click the button below to check availability.


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