Every home needs one... and most need at least two! 

Every day, in every household, dirty laundry piles up. 

From the clothes you wear, to the towels, and the bed linens, the piles just seem to grow and grow until that eventual moment someone decides it’s time to do the laundry. 

And before you pick the detergent, before you set the dials on the machine, you need to collect all the washables from around the house and separate the whites from the darks, the delicates from the regular wash...    

In some homes, the dirties just end up in a big pile in bedrooms, bathrooms, or the laundry room. In other houses, it’s a cheap plastic bag, or a plastic laundry hamper.  

It’s time for you to get a new, eco-friendly laundry hamper. 

Or maybe 2! 

Today, I have 5 Reasons you NEED a laundry hamper.

1. Safety

If you have children, you know that your number one priority is to keep them safe. They seem to get into all sorts of trouble, especially in places and at times you least expect it.  

That’s where your laundry hamper helps keep them safe. 

Dirty clothes, blankets and especially washable toys can be breeding grounds for germs. You really don’t want your children playing if filth, now do you?  

Keep all the laundry in a hamper, out of sight and reach of the little ones. 

2. Load Management

Dirty clothes are scattered everywhere in your home.  

That’s why you can’t find that missing sock, your favourite scarf, or the second woolen mitten.  

But a laundry hamper takes all your worries (and the hunt for and dirty clothes) away.  

Easily manage dirty clothes in any corner of your home with a laundry hamper (one in each bedroom is a great idea!)  

 Maybe have one for the regular load, and one for your delicate items. (Remember, I told you that you might need two!)  

3. Portability

OK, today you have a pile in the laundry room, right next to the machine. Great! But what about the pile in the bedroom, or the kids’ room? 

Make sure your laundry hamper fulfills two very important needs: it’s big enough to hold everything, and it’s easy to carry from one room to another. 

Have you ever just gathered up a big load of dirty socks from the bedroom in your arms, and while you carried them to the laundry room discovered that you left a trail behind you? 

A large laundry hamper with handles is your perfect solution! 

4. Easy to Clean

You put a lot of dirty laundry into the hamper. That means you are probably putting some germs in there as well. 

So, you need to make sure you can easily clean your laundry hampers. 

You want a laundry hamper you can hand-wash in cold water and flatten to dry naturally. Do this once a month to add to the lifespan of helpful and healthy usage. 

5. The Best Choice

Lifestyle Image

To meet all your needs, you need Tru Earth’s newest item, the Large Laundry Hamper. (Click here to get yours.) 

Shipped directly to your home, it arrives snuggly packaged in a 100% cotton mesh bag (that can be used and re-used to separate and store “delicates” --- and it works great as a travel laundry bag!) 

The Tru Earth Large Laundry Hamper is made from sturdy 100% canvas cotton for the exterior walls, fitted with a 100% cotton interior liner for extra strength and durability. 

The natural canvas colour makes for a perfect match to every décor.  

Four 100% natural wood struts support the hamper and rope handles allow for ease of movement when you need to carry the Tru Earth Large Laundry Hamper from room to room. 

CONCLUSION. Think of all the piles of dirty clothes you can eliminate with a Tru Earth Large Laundry Hamper. 

Think how easy it will be to carry those loads from any room to the laundry room, without dropping even one dirty sock. 

Think of how much easier a Tru Earth Large Laundry Hamper will make every wash day! 

You can click on this link to access the Tru earth online store right now.